Valasco plain
Valasco plain
Valcuca lake
Valcuca lake
Upper Fremamorta lake
Upper Fremamorta lake
Lower Sella lake
Lower Sella lake
Hikes and Crossings

A selection of routes to see the mountains around Valasco plain. These routes include crossings to other refuges, climbs to some of the surrounding peaks or circular routes.
Here you will a brief description, more information is available in the refuge and from the bibliography.
The level of difficulty ranges from simple walks to more strenuous hikes some taking several days, the routes to the peaks can be curtailed, taking you nevertheless to scenic areas - in most cases with enchanting alpine lakes. We suggest you contact the manager who can propose the itineraries most suited to your needs.

Crossings to other refuges

  • To Emilio Questa refuge (2388 m.), tel. 0171 97338, climb in height 620 m., difficulty E, 1,30 hrs.
  • To Livio Bianco refuge (1910 m.), tel. 0171 97328, via the colle di Valmiana (2922 m.), climb in height 1150 m., difficulty E, 5,30 hrs.
  • To Città di Ceva refuge (1839 m.), tel. 0171 959605 via the Colletto di Valscura (2520 m.), climb in height 750 m., difficulty E, 4 hrs
  • To le Boréon hostel (1526 m.), tel. 0033 493 032727 over the Fremamorta pass (2615 m.) and the colle di Saléses, climb in height 400 m., difficulty E, 5,30 hrs.
  • To Morelli refuge (2450 m.), tel.0171 97394 passing through Terme di Valdieri, climb in height 1080 m., difficulty E, 4 hrs
Main accessible peaks

  • Testa Malinvern (2939 m), to the Bassa del Druos, 4.30 hrs, a very panoramic peak with a view over a large portion of the Alps and the Dauphiné. Roughly two and a half hours' walk over good paths built by the military forces in the Second World War, past the Valscura lakes the ruined barracks and bunkers, then from a height of around 2600m a track leads off to the base of a grassy gully, after climbing this you find yourself on the scree slope that leads up to the summit.
  • Rocca di Valmiana (3006 m.), 4,00 hours, the path leads off from the lower part of the plain up to the Valmiana pass, from here it is half an hour over a scree slope and along an easy ridge to the summit.
  • Cima di Fremamorta (2731 m.), 4,00 hours, follow the wide path up the Valle Morta to Colletto Valasco, pass by the scenic Fremamorta lakesa and the Guiglia bivouac hut to reach Colle di Fremamorta, from here you are within easy distance of the summit, which is a particularly panoramic peak.
  • Testa sud di Bresses (2820 m.), via the Passo di Bresses 4.00 hrs, follow the Valle Morta path as far as the third lake, from here a path leads off to Colle di Bresses and from there on to the summit. The direct path to the passo di Tablasses path has fallen away and is less accessible however.The itinerary is little more than a walk and offers a marvellous view over Argentera
  • Cima di Tavels (2804 m), via the Bassa della Lausa, 4.30 hrs, towards the Bassa del Druos, a path leads off to the left a few bends before the pass an interesting route following the tracks of an old military path and the remains of an exploded bunker. It is possible to reach the cima di Claus from Bassa della Lausa but the itinerary is longer and more difficult.
The Valasco plain high circuit

7.00 hrs, climb in height about 1100 m., following a series of paths above the plain that offer numerous panoramic viewpoints. Start by taking the Valle Morta path from the upper plain and follow it to a height of 2169 m. (some ruins and a spring) follow the wide mule track off to the right to Valscura lake, from here follow the path down for a few hundred metres to the fork in the path that leads off to Valrossa. Stay on this path until it meets the path that leads to Colle di Valmiana at 2505 m. From here follow the path back down to the Valascọ plain.


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